Square Hare – 11.3% alc/vol. Our 1st place winner in the Best of California Commercial Craft Brewery Competition 2017 in the Trappist Ale category. This dark and malty Belgian Quad has great balance and a smooth finish with very low alcohol taste. We're preparing a bottle release, so this dangerously delicious beer won't be on tap long.


Bigwig Brown – 5.2% alc/vol. Our nut brown ale has a great all-around flavor stemming from roasted malts with hints of chocolate, caramel, and pecan pie. Traditional English yeast provides subtle stone-fruit flavors which provide the perfect undertones with this well-balanced ale, perfect for all seasons.


Saison – 6% alc/vol. Wheat adds a refreshing flavor backdrop and body to this dry and tart farmhouse style ale. This beer is complex, but balanced with interplay between yeast aromatics, hops, malt and unmalted wheat. Bittering Hops: Tettnang and Golding. Aroma hops: Golding, Tettnang and Willamette. Dry hops: Tettnang and Willamette.


Nightcap – 7% alc/vol. The latest in our barrel-aging series, we started this sour beer with our Russian Imperial Stout and aged it for a year in local red wine barrels along with tart cherries. The lightening sour flavor is the perfect addition to the dark and rich stout it starts with, and the whole fruit adds the perfect amount of complexity.


Monk Belly - 6% alc/vol. A surprisingly different variation on our Bad Habit made with a different Belgian yeast. Spicy phenols dominate, followed by a mellow fruitiness and a gentle maltiness. Bittering Hops: Golding and Tettnang. Flavor hops: Willamette.


Fair Hare – 5.8% alc. This blonde ale is crisp with a light malt character and citrus notes. We dry-hopped this beer to make sure it had a great flavor strong enough to satisfy, but also perfect for the hot Sacramento weather. Bittering hops: Tettnang and Golding. Flavor hops: Tettnang and Golding. Dry hops: Citra.


The Pattern Pale Ale – 5% alc/vol. Releasing the latest beer in our rotation tap lineup, this refreshing beer is made with mosaic hops to create a full flavor with a smooth finish. This beer is perfect for all the hopheads out there who crave an IPA but want to take it easy in the heat.


Greybeard Old Ale – 8% alc/vol 40 IBUs. Bittering hops: Tettnang. This strong English-style ale has a very rich malt character with caramel and dark chocolate overtones. Dried fruit flavors and a slight warming feeling from alcohol are in the finish.


Nebula - 6% alc/vol. This New England-style IPA is the juiciest beer we've brewed yet. Bursting with flavors from citra hops, this IPA is smooth and easy to drink with big bold orange and grapefruit flavors.


Electric Rabbit – 7% alc/vol. The first in our pilot system series "File Under:", we could not be happier with this IPA creation. Neither East Coast or West Coast, this crossover IPA  is full of juicy pineapple and melon flavors resulting from a mix of Citra, Azacca, and El Dorado hops.




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